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Welcome to my portfolio, where I have compiled some of my recent works. Click the home button and check the content library page for more content.

Smart and creative solutions are at the core of all that I do as a content creator. My main goal is finding smart ways of telling a story that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. 


Portfolio Name - Glitch Introduction

Software: Adobe After Effects - Word Animation


Booysens Community Video

ICRC Media Advocacy

Brief: I was asked by the Inner City Resource Centre to make a series of four videos showcasing the living conditions within the communities/buildings they are working with during COVID-19. The main focus being the conditions of the toilets, taps, drainage systems and waste removal or lack thereof.

My roles: DOP    



                 Music Producer

                  Audio Recording

                         Post-Production Editor

Andisiwe Sijaji: Assistant Videographer

                 Assistant Photographer

     Equipment used: Apple iPhone 5s & 7 Cameras

                Boya BY-MM1 Microphone

          Smooth 4 Gimbal 

                   APL-DG10 Cellphone lenses

              M1-3770 Tripod stand

Software: Pro Tools 12 - Audio Editing         

    Final Cut Pro X - Video Editing

   Logic Pro X - Music Production



The Recycler

Short Film - Documentary

While working for 1 to 1 Agency of Engagement, they asked me to document a community workshop they were holding in the Bertrams community in Town. They were interviewing the residents of Bertrams and I was recording as many interviews as I could during the workshop. During the two day workshop one of the interviewees really caught my attention. His name is Israel. I had been wanting to work on a short film-documentary for some time and as soon as I met him I knew he would be an amazing interviewee for my documentary. This is his story.

DifficultiesThe project was not an easy one as I had very limited equipment to work with. The most difficult part was the sound as I only had the Rode Video Mic Pro to work with. This meant I had to do a lot of audio post production work on Israel's audio recording to remove most of the background noise as he felt more comfortable sitting outside.

I applied a fair amount of EQ treatment and some automation in order to clean it up as best I could. Ideally I would have liked to have had a lavalier microphone and transmitter pack with me which would have given me a clearer signal of Israel's voice in which case I would have used the Video Mic Pro as a supporting microphone for background sounds.  

My roles: Director   


                     Post-Production Editor

     Equipment used: Apple iPhone 7 Camera      

                       Rode Video Mic Pro Microphone

          Smooth 4 Gimbal 

         Cellphone U-Rig

              M1-3770 Tripod stand

Software: Final Cut Pro X - Video Editing

       Logic Pro X - Audio Editing 

Special thanks: Israel Mathe(Interviewee)                               Lwazi Sijaji(Rode microphone & advice) 

               Khanya Sijaji(Flag cut-away & advice) 

           Christine Botha(Advice & support) 

             Ziphindiwe Sogoni(Advice & support) 

             1to1 Agency of Engagement(How I met Israel)




Logo Animation

1 to 1 Agency of Engagement

Brief: They asked if I could make a GIF of their logo smiling.

Software: Adobe After Effects - Logo Animation