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Multimedia Creative

Smart and creative solutions are at the core of all that I do as a content creator. My main goal is finding smart ways of telling a story that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. 

Welcome to my portfolio, where I have compiled some of my projects. Click the tabs above to check out some more content.

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YCTWBW Campaign - "You Can Tell Who's Been Watching" 

ESPN Africa 

Brief: We created short low budget office skits to market our sports offerings.

Note: This is the social media version but the HQ 16:9 widescreen version aired on ESPN's channels on DSTV 218 & 219.

My Role: Videographer

                 Motion Graphics 

Equipment: Iphones (7 & 10) 

Software: Adobe After Effects - Outro Logo Animation


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Product Promo Ad


Brief: A short product promotional ad.

Stock footage and music used

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro - Video editing

                   Adobe After Effects - Compositing

                   Pro Tools 12 - Sound design

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The Recycler

Short Film - Documentary

While working for 1 to 1 Agency of Engagement, they asked me to document a community workshop they were holding in the Bertrams community in Town. They were interviewing the residents of Bertrams and I was recording as many interviews as I could during the workshop. During the two day workshop one of the interviewees really caught my attention. His name is Israel. I had been wanting to work on a short film-documentary for some time and as soon as I met him I knew he would be an amazing interviewee for my documentary. This is his story.

DifficultiesThe project was not an easy one as I had very limited equipment to work with. The most difficult part was the sound as I only had the Rode Video Mic Pro to work with. This meant I had to do a lot of audio post production work on Israel's audio recording to remove most of the background noise as he felt more comfortable sitting outside.

I applied a fair amount of EQ treatment and some automation in order to clean it up as best I could. Ideally I would have liked to have had a lavalier microphone and transmitter pack with me which would have given me a clearer signal of Israel's voice in which case I would have used the Video Mic Pro as a supporting microphone for background sounds.  

My roles: Director   


                  Post-Production Editor

Equipment: Apple iPhone 7 Camera      

                      Rode Video Mic Pro Microphone

                      Smooth 4 Gimbal 

                      Cellphone U-Rig

                      M1-3770 Tripod stand

Software: Final Cut Pro X - Video Editing

                   Logic Pro X - Audio Editing 

Special thanks: Israel Mathe(Interviewee)                               

                             Lwazi Sijaji(Rode microphone & advice) 

                             Khanya Sijaji(Flag cut-away & advice) 

                             Christine Botha(Advice & support) 

                             Ziphindiwe Sogoni(Advice & support)

                             1to1 (How I met Israel)       



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22/23 NFL Conference Championship _ 29-30 JAN 23

1 to 1 

Brief: Social media fixture graphic for the 22/23 NFL Conference finals.

Software: Adobe After Effects - Motion Graphic

                   Adobe Photoshop - Layout

                   Adobe Illustrator - Background Elements

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Logo Animation

1 to 1 

Brief: They asked if I could make a GIF of their logo smiling.

Software: Adobe After Effects - Logo Animation

                   Adobe Illustrator - Logo 

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