Zulu Sogoni

About Me

Most of my studies revolved around post production audio editing using Avid Pro Tools12 with some videography and a lot of video editing using Avid Media Composer in my final year.

Once I started working I needed to be hands-on with the full production process from conceptualising and creating storyboards, creative and design briefs during pre production to shooting b-roll, recording voice overs and conducting interviews as well as designing graphics for motion graphics and animation sequences in the production phase to audio and video editing, syncing, compositing, motion graphics and animation in post then submitting multiple final deliverables for different platforms.

This has been an amazing experience as it has allowed me to really improve on my skills in all three stages of production but also to realise what I am most passionate about as well as where I am most efficient and effective.

Multimedia editing has become my preferred medium of creative expression over the past four years as I have found that it encompasses the majority of my skills allowing me to fully express ideas through creative visual and audio content.

I believe that audio and video content created with an accurate understanding of the clients goals coupled with good technical skills and an edgy design can lead them towards a successful campaign. I always seek valuable feedback from my co-workers and clients in order to learn and evolve.

Software Tools: Adobe After Effects

                          Adobe Premiere Pro

                          Adobe Illustrator  

                          Adobe Photoshop

                          Pro Tools

                          Final Cut Pro

                          Logic Pro X