Motion Graphics 

Illustrator - Kevin Kim


Software:  Adobe After Effects - Motion Graphics


2D Vector Animation & Motion Graphics


Brief: The first episode of an infographic series of videos talking about the manual for citizen participation in municipal planning and budgeting process.


Software: Adobe Illustrator - Design

                   Adobe After Effects - Motion Graphics

                   Adobe Photoshop - Logo 


2021 Year End Video 

1 to 1

Brief: A short video showcasing some of the projects that 1to1 participated in.

Software: Adobe After Effects - Motion Graphics

                   Adobe Illustrator - Text & overlay(scratches and film grain)

                   Adobe Premiere Pro - Video Editing


Aqua Soap

Brand Awareness Campaign(Job application)

Brief: The client would like to launch a national brand awareness campaign limited to digital channels. The campaign needs to generate interest from its target audience(woman, between the ages of 21 - 50, in metropolitan).

Stock footage and music used

Software: Adobe After Effects - Motion Graphics  

                   Adobe Illustrator - Text

                   Adobe Premiere Pro - Video Editing